So I need a place to vent..

To share my unfiltered thoughts, emotions and feelings. So maybe a preamble is needed: I’m not a source of inspiration or role model. I’m a person who got dealt a shitty hand of cards and is struggling with coming to terms with it. In my own way. It might be ugly or sarcastic or whiny or funny anything else an a fighter isn’t ‘supposed’ to be.

Well fuck it. Here I am, fighting against MS. Doing it my way.

Welcome to my world.

14 thoughts on “So I need a place to vent..”

  1. And we love you for being open and honest about it. I’m here to support you and happy to be witnessing a fighter. Same girl I met back in the day.
    Any way I can help, if it’s to vent, listen, whatever, anytime, please message me.
    Sending love and strength. Xo❤️

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  2. You’re awesome and stronger than you give yourself credit for! You’re definitely a fighter and always have been. First time I saw your fight was when we were walking to maple leaf park and some douchebag at rustic bakery was calling you names and you ripped him a new asshole! I only wished then and now that I have the courage to fight like you! Not sure if I ever told you this Xoxo

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  3. You don’t know how Strong you are until being Strong is the only choice you have.
    Angela, sending you positive vibes always.
    Keep smiling!!! 😊

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  4. First of all, writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way of showing how strong you are! When we go through difficult times, which for some happens many times in life, our true strength really comes out to teach us lessons about ourselves. How can you think you are not strong or courageous when you have already been through so much? Believe in yourself, the way I believe in you! Love you my darling daughter!!!

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