Day 3-Hump Day

So today was a long day. My blood pressure was high all day and it appears I have ‘White Coat Syndrome’ 

White coat hypertension, more commonly known as white coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, though they don’t exhibit it in other settings.

Sharmella continued to monitor me every 15 mins and then every 30 mins. I wanted to fall asleep like the other patients coming in and out and only staying for a few hours at a time. They’d fall asleep so quickly snoring away and I wanted to do the same but my mind wouldn’t shut off. 
I had a few setbacks today. I had a rash early on and had to take Benadryl. My mouth and throat were so dry that it feels like the Sahara desert has taken up residence in my tonsils. So my dear friend got me some flavoured Biotin spray! Woo hoo
Lunch was tricky and the pasta that I’d prepared was like sludge that couldn’t move through my dry tonsils. So my rocky friend brought me soup. 

Later in the day, I felt nauseous and a bit light headed and headaches. Sharmella provided me with her usual drug cocktails. 
Despite all the setbacks I had a huge highlight to my day! Sharmella removed me IV for the night and I am sooooo looking forward to a hearty shower with an unbelievable hair wash thrown in there. 
I won’t think about the replacement happening tomorrow.
So we are now three days down and two more to go. I feel fatigued and weary like a soldier. But I’m still here..strong like bull 🐃
Life goes on,
Angela aka ‘The Bull’

(I may be delirious from the aforementioned drug cocktail. You’re welcome)

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