The aftermath

It’s been a bit of a blur. The week leading up to the infusion, the actual infusion and now…the aftermath. Leading up was mostly filled with doubts and anxieties while the week of was so surreal. I never thought I could be the type of person to actually do what I was doing. To wake up each morning go to the clinic and come back and do it all over again the following day. Just so fucking surreal.

But it’s over for this year. Now I focus on healing, on building my immune system back up, on avoiding infection and work on strengthening myself (maybe inside and out).

Physically, I feel like I just survived an epic battle. I’m bone tired and I’m quite sure I look like death. The steroids are doing a number on my body still, heat flashes, hunger, irritability…you know an average day in the life of Angela. 
I’ve felt some side effects but it’s been manageable thus far. The wise and formidable Nurse S told me to take the meds before the symptoms become too intense and like a loyal patient I’ve followed her orders.
Right now I’m mostly worried about Joey and him burning out. In the social work field we often talk about self care and the need to be your own priority and I’m pretty sure he’s not doing that. So dear reader if you know Joey and you’re reading this, invite him out for a coffee, a beer or a burger. I tried doing some of my youth work shit on him, you know with the circles of what he can control and not control but I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m just high. And I think we can all agree that might not be such a far-fetched thought. 😏
Since people have asked, I’m not able to have visitors (even the healthy ones) for another week or more. And after that, am under strict orders to limit contact with non sick people and maintain highest of hygiene standards and if I absolutely must go forth in the world, I should wear a mask. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the mask. But I think it might be fun to scare people with and pretend that I’m protecting the general public from me and not the other way around. We’ll see about that. 

For right now, I’m going to enjoy my seclusion with Netflix and chill and dogs and husband and the occasional drug cocktail. 
Life goes on,
Angela xo

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