All rest and no work or play

So it’s been something like eleven days since my last infusion day, not that I’m counting or anything. I’m still here even though it’s been radio silence from me.

I’ve felt somewhat numb and a little apathetic to everything going on around me…which for anyone who knows me, is pretty strange.

In a way it’s nice, I feel unburdened. Like I don’t have to watch the news if I don’t want to and that is totally ok.

I’m still stuck home, I feel like the end of the world could have happened, the great meteorite could have hit, world war three might have begun, and it wouldn’t have any effect on me locked away in my glass castle like fuxking rupenzel or something. I don’t even know if that’s the right fairy tale and at this point who really cares?
I guess i wasn’t really sure what to expect like do I wait for this miraculous transformation to occur. The nurses and everyone keep saying my job is to focus on recovery which essentially means get lots of sleep, which ironically has been evading me since the last of my prescription sleeping pills ran out..
So since my main mission of sleep has become sorta grounded, I’m unsure what to do…I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet trying to retain some connection to the world or whatever but I’m pretty sure that’s where humanity goes to die so that’s over.

I tried a cross stitch embroidery kit thingy and got frustrated and bagged it after looking at the confusing directions…what the fuck is cross stitch anyway?

Joey picked up a used acoustic guitar for me, so dear readers, if you don’t hear from me for awhile, I’ve gone on tour with Neil Young. 

Keep on rocking in the free world,
Angela xo

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