Some days

All you can do is sit tight

Hunker down 

And wait for the storm to pass

Today is one of those days

Where I feel a lot more pacifist than warrior

And the stormy skies seem to get darker and the thunder sounds angry

Today, I’m part wounded victim and part nefarious villain

Today I wonder if I chase the storms more than just wait for them to move elsewhere

Today I think about people who only care to dance in the rain and don’t see the lightening approaching 

Today I wonder how those people can twirl and move beneath such turbulent vicious skies

Today I think those people are part lucky and part naive

They don’t have to wait and for the storm to hit

Dreading it and longing for the solitude it brings 

They don’t have to wait for the lightening to crash

For the angry skies to open up and unleash their relentless downpour

Those people…

They just know that the sky is turning a different colour and the noises are louder

But they don’t see the danger approaching

They don’t see the bleakness of the sky and how it’s lost its vivid colours

And they don’t hear the outrage in the loud noises

They don’t see the beauty in the lightening or the havoc it can create

Those lucky pathetic people

Today, I wish I was like them 

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