I think I’m impatient                             I want to feel better.                         Not even ‘good’.                                 Just better than right now             Than yesterday                                  I’m tired of feeling so tired.            This week was long and hard and too fucking hot.                                       I feel like I’m struggling so hard to keep my ahead above water.              I know recovery takes time

But I’m so impatient.                            I feel like I’ve wasted so much time already.                                        Anxiety and depression stole years from me.                                             And Multiple Sclerosis has hijacked my life.                                                  It’s hard to remain positive.         When every fibre and cell in my body wants to give in to the negativity.                                        When I’m so tired I can’t think straight.                                           When my head and eyes hurt so much I just want to…

I’m impatient, I know.                     But I’m trying.                                      I’m trying to take it day by day.    Hour by hour.                              Minute by minute.                           And every moment that passes, I mentally tick it off.                            But that next moment feels twice as long.                                                    And even though I know that the time has no choice but to pass and keep moving.                                         It feels like I’ll never get to the next second 

I’m impatient.                                          I know.                                                 But I’m no fool.                                        I know that time waits for no one. Or for anything.                                 Not even for me.                                         Not even for Multiple Sclerosis. 

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