The line begins to blur

I had a weird moment the other day

I went swimming and obviously had to take off my glasses
I couldn’t see shit

I got so frustrated

I went into the water and put on goggles


The world came into focus 

Crystal clear and vivid

I glided under the water 

It felt like I was dreaming 

I could see like I could before MS fucked everything up

And I know it was just the inside of a swimming pool


It was so fucking perfect

All bright colours

And defined lines

I put my arms out in front of me 

I watched them 

Thinking how something so insignificant like my fucking outstretched arms

Could be so beautiful

I came out of the water several times

And dove under again

Testing the waters


Every time I went under

The world slipped back into focus

I’m sure there’s some scientific reasoning behind this

But I don’t really care 

Because for those brief moments

I didn’t struggle to see what was around me

I wasn’t being reminded of my disability

It was flawless

I was flawless

And then I got out of the water

And reality crashed like waves

The world was darker


Everything was dimmed

Fucking irony

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