‘When the sun goes down, the stars come out’

It’s a common misconception that what leads people to take their own lives

Is the way they feel at the present time

But it’s not

It’s not even the unbearable sadness

Or the deep emptiness

It’s not the sluggish way they go through life


It’s the belief that it won’t get any better

That it will never get any better

That it will always be that way

That sad

That empty

That sluggish

It’s the fear that life will never be good again

That you will always be stuck in that halfway world of depression

Where you’re not really dead

But certainly not alive either

The absence of hope for a better life

Causes people to make drastic desperate decisions

It clouds their judgement

Of the possibilities and the what if’s

It is that moment in time of clouded judgement

That becomes the leading factor in making a decision

That will end one life

And leave so many others upended

There is something very natural about the desire to look forward

And most people have the ability to do so

To look towards something

To see the light at the end of the tunnel

But there are people in this world

Walking beside us

Talking with us

Laughing with us

Who are stuck at the middle point of a tunnel

Which for them

Has no end in sight

I’m not saying that I’m one of them

I’m not saying I can’t see the end of the tunnel

I’m just saying

It just gets real fucking dim sometimes

7 thoughts on “‘When the sun goes down, the stars come out’”

  1. I lost someone to suicide a long time ago. This person had always said it would happen some day, and one day it did. It wasn’t surprising, but it was still very sad, and you hit the nail on the head about the looking forward to something part. It describes that situation to the T

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  2. Once again this was a very insightful post! You are absolutely amazing and so correct! There are many out there that do not see any light insight and that is sad. I have a desire to help people and always try to be empathetic. Life does get very dim sometimes and it is SO hard to find the positive. I have known several people that have taken their lives and it is so sad but I guess now they are in a better place where they are happier and comfortable. Very wonderful post!!!

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