The saga continues…

So I guess I should start with where I had previously left off

I was really depressed after all that stuff at the meeting. Half of me wanted to quit and half of me wanted to just cry.

I received an email from my employer asking if to confirm the details of the meeting and the deadline to provide the doctors letter. You know so we can all work together 😒

I thought on it.

And then I got angry.

I emailed back on January 31

I asked for clarity on some thing I did not fully understand.

I asked for ‘clarity around the issue of a pattern of my absences. I asked what exactly does that mean? I feel like anyone with a chronic and incurable illness would indeed have a pattern of absences?’

I asked if an email was circulated when my coworkers called in absent or if it was just in my case. I asked them if the book I gave them in 2013 for employees on how to support employees with MS was reviewed in their attempts to make me feel ‘supported’?

I explained that felt unsupported and attacked at the meeting ‘when I was repeatedly questioned about my honesty and my capability, of which I have never shied away from answering.’ I explained that I felt I was being asked to reduce my work hours or face the consequences of calling in sick.

I let them know I would be speaking to my union to ensure that my rights continue to be protected.

And after all that???


Since January 31

With the February 15 deadline looming for providing the doctors note

Since then, I’ve spoken to a lawyer from the Volunteer Legal Advocacy Program, through the MS Society.

This is a summary of that conversation:

•My employer is aware of my diagnosis of MS, which is listed as a disability under the Human Right’s Code.

•My employer asking me to commit to a five day work schedule without taking sick days is impossible from an MS standpoint and therefore ‘unfair’.

•My employer has a duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship. They have shown that in the past they were able to do so by me taking unpaid sick days, working from home and putting a relief roster in place.

•He stated that his suggestion was that I do NOT provide a doctor’s note, however, if I wanted to, it should say something along the lines of: I do have a diagnosis of MS, and am capable of working 5 days a week, however due to the unpredictable nature of the disease, I may need to take sick days. I do not require a modified work schedule, as there will be times when I can work a full schedule, and also periods of time where I cannot.

•He also stated that if there is any recourse/reprisal any of this I can file a human right’s complaint based ion discrimination.

•He also said that what they are doing is unreasonable due to the circumstances of my disability, of which they have been aware since 2013.

You’d think one would feel relieved after that information…

I didn’t

I felt even more upset

That an employer would be so underhanded and clearly willing to skirt the law in an attempt to what? Get rid of me?

Sitting here even know

I’m shaking my head in bewilderment

The union is involved now although still somewhat minimally

I went to see my family doctor, for which my employer had to arrange coverage for my position and have me take a sick day and pay someone else for said coverage. 🙄

Like I said…bewilderment

My doctor wrote the note as he too felt that he could not be expected to write a note like what my employer was hoping for. His note is essentially what the lawyer has advised me on getting.

I’m home now

I still haven’t received an email

The union and lawyer have both said I should not submit the note

The union said if I haven’t received clarity by early next week, they would contact my employer

The lawyer asked what would happen if the deadline passed and a note was not provided?

I still don’t know

The union said there SHOULDN’T be any repercussions

That does little to assuage this anxious brain

Still I rise,


22 thoughts on “The saga continues…”

  1. I’m glad you are standing your ground, and I don’t blame you for being pissed. I can tolerate a lot of thing, but deceit is not on that list. I’d respect them a lot more if they were up front and honest with you

    Continued good luck

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  2. Oh heck – that’s so confusing and, well, ridiculous on their part. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all of this. I think it’s good you’ve had advice (I’d probably agree on not sending in the note, but then again I don’t know what their position would be if you don’t) I can understand your upset; I think in your position I would be a mixture of devastated and angry, but probably just in tears first before anger kicks in later on. You have knowledge and employee rights on your side. Don’t let them may you feel low, they’ve known about your health for long enough for this to not be an issue; this is their problem. Sending hugs your way…xx

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  3. My goodness I’m so glad you’ve been able to find some help with it all. I know really that isn’t what you want from a situation like this but hopefully they can help bring some clarity. Try to keep your head held high because you’ve done nothing wrong at the end of the day and shouldn’t be made to feel any less! Keep us posted with if all! Xx

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  4. My goodness girl you have been through way too much! Your employer is being unfair and unreasonable. You deserve to be treated SO much better than this. I hope your lawyer sticks it to them and then some. When will you hear more from your lawyer?
    I am sending you LOTS of love and comfort and please know I am on your side 200% and here for you anytime!!!!!

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      1. I am completely shocked that people in Canada are like this. I would have expected this type of behavior in the states, but not up there! I am so sorry you are being put through this horrible behavior!! I wish you nothing but the best and I am always here for you!!


      2. Yes, people do suck sometimes! Or maybe I should stay MOST of the time. I do not know why I thought things were better in Canada! Here in the United States people are beyond messed up and twisted! I really hate that you are going through this!

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      3. It is terrible! Hell, honestly I live in a country where the president is an absolute moron with no common sense! I hate to say that because I know it sounds terrible, but it is the truth! I really hope things start getting better for you really soon! I hate you are being treated SO unfairly!

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  5. Omggggg this made me cry it’s 2018 and the fact this is happening and your employer has known about your ms and what happens everyday is different is sooo sad it really makes me want to dislike people sometimes just no compassion like you really think we just like having different days and not working a 9-5 like everyone else ? NOOOO but I’m so sorry I’m happy you are standing your ground as you should because you are still a human being with rights too!!

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    1. I am still so disappointed by the treatment I’m receiving. And like one part of me wants to fight it and the other part just wants to give up. It’s weird to me that people would be so devoid of compassion. Thanks for your support

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