You should hire me because:

◦ I take a lot of sick time

◦ I max out the benefits provided and still need more

◦ I have an incurable disease

◦ I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression my entire adult life

◦ I’m unreliable (see previous two reasons)

◦ I’m really good at my job, when I show up of course

◦ I can engage even the most hardened youth, when I’m not taking a sick leave

◦ Kids love talking to me, when I’m not on a reduced work week

◦ I have no idea if round 2 of Lemtrada will leave me unable to work for a longer period while I recoup

◦ I don’t even know what MS has in store for me

You should hire me…

3 thoughts on “You should hire me because:”

  1. These are the only qualities that matter:

    ◦ I’m really good at my job

    ◦ I can engage even the most hardened youth,

    ◦ Kids love talking to me

    – You’re awesome, a great listener, empathetic and ACTUALLY have compassion for people and the youth you work with.
    – You have an uncanny gift where, within minutes of meeting with you, these kids just just open up to you and share everything about their lives….it’s like the sense some kind of quality you have….they just instinctively sense you are a safe person.

    Those qualities/characteristics above should be the only ones that matter.

    And to anyone who knows you, and is lucky enough to know you, the should be the only qualities that matter.

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.


  2. I really hate to hear what you are going through. You are an absolutely amazing person and deserve respect and understanding, not ridicule from your job. You are amazing with what you do and I just hope they start seeing that soon. I am always here for you ♡

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