The needle and the damage done

Hit a wall

Monthly blood work time yesterday

This is never a fun time

My veins play hide and seek when it’s time


It’s a thing

Look it up

But yesterday was a whole new bag of tricks

They think my veins in hands have collapsed and are clotting Collapsing veins

Like a fuckin junkie

So they couldn’t finish the testing

I’ve gotta go back in a few days

I felt and still feel frustrated

My hands are bruised up and sore as hell

Whatever that’ll heal in time

I know this


I feel discouraged

I just keep thinking

Another four years of this

What the fuck was I thinking?

6 thoughts on “The needle and the damage done”

  1. I feel your pain Angela. Just got back from the apheresis center and the needles are never fun. Mine flatten out a lot. I was told to drink a lot of water in the days leading up to the treatment day and the treatment day itself because that keeps them plump and it helps. I am trying like hell to avoid having to have a port put in

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    1. Is this the plasma treatment? How often do you have to get pricked? I hope you don’t have to do the port, that sounds unpleasant. I’ve only ever had the temporary ones during steroid infusions or the week long Lemtrada treatment and even that sucked balls.


      1. I get the plasma treatment every month and this one was no exception. After that is over I usually follow with steroids, but twice a year I get Ocrevus, which replaced a monthly dose of Cytoxan. Both of those drugs knock me on my ass for the weekend, and one day in particular (tomorrow) where I am in bed all day and feel like my head and body are in a fog all day long, but at least I have to deal with that twice a year now instead of every month


      2. Yes once a month. The steroids help, but the combination of the two wear me out for a couple of days. Plus the steroids give me hiccups for 24 hours which is annoying as hell


      3. Wouldn’t it be fab if side effects were awesome instead? Like instead of fatigue and hiccups you get super human strength and telekinetic powers? 😍


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