I’ll leave the forgiveness up to your choice of god

A fellow MSer and blogger recently wrote about forgiveness (check it out here https://fightmsdaily.com/2018/03/17/forgiveness/) and it got me thinking

Forgiveness is such a complex topic

So often we tell ourselves and others that we have forgiven

But what does that even mean? And what does that open ourselves up to?

Is forgiveness merely acknowledging that the offending event occurred and then accepting it?

But what happens after the acceptance?

Do you simply ignore the feelings that come along with the event that precipitated this act of mercy?

Read back to what I just wrote

Ignore the feelings

You didn’t choose the event that occurred

However you choose to allow yourself to remain ignorant

You know what happened

You know what that person did or said

And yet you turn a blind eye to what happened

After you’ve let said person off the hook

So that persons guilty has been appeased

But you

The forgiver

Have now placed yourself in a very vulnerable situation

Like sitting with your back to a door

You’re the very fodder of know better stories we recount to our friends

Tsk tsk tsking

You’re the person in cautionary tales

Don’t be like so and so

X did that to her and she forgave them

Only giving them the opportunity to do it once again

Poor ignorant so and so

I’m not saying to never forgive

However be aware of what the motive is

Forgiveness is for the other person

You on the other hand

Are forever changed

And now you must proceed at your own risk

That first time

Is enough of a warning for me

I choose to be unmerciful

I choose to be angry or hurt

I choose to never allow someone the opportunity to come back for seconds

I choose myself over making you feel better

Fool me only once

4 thoughts on “I’ll leave the forgiveness up to your choice of god”

  1. This is absolutely amazing Angela! You have a way to make a great point in all that you write. Forgiveness is a sensitive topic and we do often open ourselves up to more hurt. And why do we think we must forgive when most of the time we do not even know what that means. We are most of the time being ignorant to what has happened and we often allow it to happen again and again! Thank you for sharing my post as well. I always appreciate your thoughts and support!!!

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  2. I think there is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. If forgiving gets the person out of your head and prevents them from renting space then I think its a good thing. After a point in time they aren’t worth my time and energy, but in no way does it mean I’ll forget what they did or wipe the slate clean. It’s a subtle thing.

    Love the new look of the blog, BTW

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