I wanted to remind myself of something that I so often forget

So I got a tattoo of course

It’s not just a tattoo though

It’s so much more

It’s not just a word either or a semicolon Read more about Project Semicolon

It is a reminder to myself

That although life is hard

And some days it’s all just too much

And on those days, when it doesn’t seem worth it

Even then

I am strong

I am a survivor

I am a fighter

I do not give up

I will look down at my hand and through seeing that word emblazoned on my skin

I will remember who I am

And I will keep going because that’s just what I do

I may wallow in bed and stew in self pity and sadness


After awhile


I pull myself out of bed

And I just live

And that’s a choice I consciously make every day

It may not seem like much to the vast majority of the world

But to my fellow warriors

I know you get it

I am the author of the story of my life

And I choose to not end on a sad note

I’m using that semicolon after a sentence from my bleakest blog

And I choose to keep fucking living

Because I’m a warrior

And warriors don’t stop fighting halfway through the battle

Warriors battle until the end

Sure they get scarred, beaten, bloody and bruised in the process

But they do not stop in the middle and surrender to the chaos

No one waves the white flag and accepts defeat

And warriors fight to the death

‘Fights will go on as long as they have to.’

That’s the 7th rule of Fight Club

I decided that was too long to get tattooed

So from this moment on I am a fucking warrior

I feel it in my blood

I’ve got the blood of warriors

Under the layers of skin

I knew it was there

I just had to find it

And I did

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