Day 2 got me like…

Super sleepy. Another great nurse, shout out to Matthew for dealing with me all day. Today the moms came with and not only kept me company but of course every other patient who came in for their much shorter infusions.

No major problems. Some leg pain, nausea and head ache. No appetite and extremely dry mouth and throat (weed smokers you know nothing until you’ve done this treatment).

PS I slept like a blissed out baby last night and am hoping the same drug cocktail would do the trick

PPS I heard from my employer, and I refuse to respond. She wrote some nonsense about not having had the chance to draft a confirmation of medical leave letter (that I took 3 weeks ago, but I’m bad at my job right). And wanting me to give them their phone like I’m gonna be doing that during this time. Pfftt 😤

Day 2 of Round 2 is done ✔️

1 more day to go 🙌🏼✊🏼🤞

7 thoughts on “Day 2 got me like…”

  1. I am so glad day 2 went well and your mother entertained everyone! I knew you were strong enough and then some to battle this! As for your employer, you are great at your job, they suck at theirs!! I know day 3 will go well and you will rock the hell out of it! Take care sweet girl!

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  2. Woohoo for day 2! Really glad to see if went well.
    Work are out of order for asking you to do anything when they know where you are and what you’re receiving.
    Keep your head up and I hope day 3 is wonderful too! 😊 Xx

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