On the 5th, 6th and probably 7th day, She rested

It’s a rare time when I don’t lay in bed tossing and turning thinking things over

Like why my first grade teacher said I was too quiet

Or why I have a phobia of blood

But this week has been different

I fall into these really deep sleeps where I wake up feeling like my body is being regenerated

No single thought is tossed around in my brain for an unnecessary amount of time

It’s kind of an awesome feeling

It makes me feel refreshed

I’ve had some negative side effects mostly from the steroids

And steroids?!

God damn!!

I swear the way they can make the most mundane food taste gourmet is amazing 😍

And there is NO hunger like a steroid hunger 🐷

But mostly manageable through medications

I keep trying to remind myself that it’s totally okay if all I did today was shower or sleep

Then my mind tries to tell me that it’s not normal to sleep all day

But when the hell has my mind ever been right anyway?

And when have I ever cared about things being normal?


7 thoughts on “On the 5th, 6th and probably 7th day, She rested”

  1. The deep sleeps ARE regenerating. Sounds like your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Enjoy the refreshed feeling, and know that it’s totally ok if all you did was shower and sleep, that’s all you are supposed to be doing. Sleeping. Resting. Healing. That’s it!

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  2. Oh good gosh girl! For me steroids are the devil coming to visit me. I can not eat, sleep or tolerate any idiots. I swear all the idiots come out in groups when I am on steroids! I am so glad to hear your body is acting like a good girl! I am glad you are doing okay! I hope you get lots of rest and heal back to your “normal” and amazing self!!

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  3. You are SO right about steroids hunger. I have to make sure all the things I love to snack on are not in the house because they will disappear in an instant. Ravenous doesn’t begin to describe the sensation.

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