‘And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.’

Do you ever think to yourself ‘I just need to catch one break, and then I’ll be okay’’?

The odds seem favourable

Out of the 365 days of the year

How hard could it be to find one good day that will make up for all the rest?

It doesn’t even need to be an entire day

Even one good thing during one day would make everything seem manageable

One day to make the other 364 days worth it

The problem isn’t in the numbers

The problem is that one thing always seems to be just out of reach

It’s illusive




There’s hope

Hoping every night before sleep

That tomorrow will be different

Hopeful that it will be the one day out of the 365 that will make all of this worth it

And so every night before you close your eyes

You take that piece of hope

You immerse yourself in it

You wrap your wish in hope

Tie it neatly with a big bow

And you wish so hard that when you wake

The new day won’t be anything like the last 13,140 days

and counting

9 thoughts on “‘And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.’”

    1. Accurate. I remember in religion class learning about blind faith and struggling to understand it. I kept asking the teacher how we were supposed to have it and she just said in an annoyed voice ‘you just do Angela’. Me and faith never had much in common after that

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  1. Absolutely brilliant Angela!! I often do wonder when I will catch a break from the constant damn pain I feel. One day out of 365 does not seem like I am asking for much, but yet it never happens! Frustration will set in though if we focus on that and I guess we must just live the best we can. I really LOVE what Steve said and his quote is SO true!


      1. Oh sweetie I feel you with this! It is crazy what so many people go through in life only to not have anyone really understand. I really think so many people around the world have lost their ability to have empathy and compassion for others!


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