‘Sippin on Chemical Cocktails. Alive to the Universe. Dead to the World.’ Allen Ginsberg

Welcome to today

A toxic wasteland

Once upon a time, beautiful skies now covered in thick layers of smog

Politicians waxing poetic about illegal aliens, poverty and guns

People lining up with arms outstretched hoping to get a handful of something

Plastic celebrities famous for nothing more than their celebdom, and no one will care in a hundred years

Youth huddled in groups with silence stretched out between them the only sound the tap tap tapping of their fingers on their phones

Children losing their chance at an idyllic childhood to YouTube or Snapchat or or or

Crying babies born brought into a world that gives them no other choice but to cry from the beginning

Adults consumed with the need to consume more of everything

The elderly forgotten and dismissed as foolish because they don’t know how to exist in this crazy messed up universe we’ve created

People all around walking so aimlessly, more intrigued with their handheld devices than the meteor showers of chaos happening all around them

Roads and lanes and cities and towns bursting at the seams with people and need and urgency for hope

Losing sight of what’s important

Even with reminders from the enlightened that we’re destroying the earth, humanity, kindness and losing everything pure in this world

Put down your phone

Look around



Before you know it

It’s already gone


You can’t remember a time


10 thoughts on “‘Sippin on Chemical Cocktails. Alive to the Universe. Dead to the World.’ Allen Ginsberg”

  1. Cutting, and so very true. When you can really take a step back & see things for what they are (which is easier said than done when the world absorbs us and things ‘just are’) so much seems so stupid, so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It’s an odd world, for sure.
    Great piece! x

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  2. Oh my goodness this was SO POWERFUL and sadly SO true!!!! I agree 100% with what Steve said, this completely sums up T (which I assume is Trump). This man is destroying this country little by little every day!!! Everything you wrote is what stays on my mind daily and really brings me SO much sadness and real fear of what will be next on the agenda of T

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