Here we go…again

After much deliberation

And talking with my doctor and psychiatrist

I’ve decided to try getting off the Paxil again

Although the first time didn’t go so well

I both want and need to do this

I’ve made a list of reasons why I need to do it

I won’t bore you with the details

I’m gonna try again


I’ll be tapering by 10mg a week

With the possibility of taking up to 4-5 Ativan a day if necessary

While part of me thinks this would be easy if I take all the Ativan

I know that it’ll be one more thing to wean myself from

So for now

They will stay be on my side

There if I need them

I’m trying a few other things

Like trying to be active and busier with other things

Physically and mentally

I’m also trying to go into this with a different mindset

I’m trying to remind myself this time around that I’ve faced many many challenges in my life

Some uncomfortable



And I’ve survived

I hope one day this will be another thing I can add to my list of things that I survived

Wish me luck 🤞

14 thoughts on “Here we go…again”

  1. Angela I have so much faith in you and know YOU can accomplish anything in life you want to do! Life isn’t easy, but you have made it through those painful and difficult times! I wish like hell that you believed in yourself even half as much as I do! I wish you could see what an amazing and incredible woman YOU are!! Best wishes to you and please NEVER forget that I am ALWAYS here for YOU!!!!

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  2. Sounds like you’re prepared and have a plan of coming off, and as you’ve say you’ve faced plenty of sh*t in the past so you can survive this too. You’ve got this. Wishing you the best with it, keep us posted on how you’re doing! xx

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