‘What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire.’ Charles Bukowski

Sometimes life just seems so hard

I know

That seems so angst-y

It just that it seems filled with pain and sadness and so much heartache

That sometimes life just doesn’t seem worth it

After all what’s the big reward?

It’s supposed to be in life itself

Isn’t it?

But what if, it’s not?

What if you don’t reap the rewards?

Sometimes life with MS and anxiety and depression feels like this

It feels like all effort

And no great pay off

Maybe it’s just me

I don’t know

Maybe I can’t find happiness in the little things

Or maybe the happiness just isn’t enough

It doesn’t matter

What does matter?

‘What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.’

It matters if you can find the strength to persevere in spite of it all

It matters if you can find the courage to keep going when it feels like there so many more bad days than good

You matter even when you feel like you don’t

And that’s probably the hardest thing to remember

Especially when you keep trying to douse the flames from burning up around you

Instead of walking through them

(A picture of happier days 😏)

3 thoughts on “‘What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire.’ Charles Bukowski”

  1. “All the effort… no great pay off”, that sums up how I often feel, without the enjoyment in life you wonder what it’s all for. But it does matter to keep going, to remember the moments of joy, the hope for brighter days, to just hold on.. Very well said xx


  2. I couldn’t agree more with you Angela! Sometimes it does feel like we put so much effort into our daily life, but there isn’t a great pay-off, we just still hurt. Even with all the physical and mental pain of this life, we must keep moving forward. It is sometimes difficult to find the joys of life, but they are there. You have an amazing husband that loves you dearly! You are living in a country that is Trump free! Marijuana is legal there as I have heard it helps with pain! Unfortunately, I do not know this personally because the state I live in refuses to make it legal even though more than half the states have. I know life isn’t easy and MS makes it even more difficult, but you have a support team with this blog and I am always here for you! Lots of Love Sweetie!


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