‘Expectation is the root of all heartache.’ Shakespeare

I’m starting a program tomorrow at my local hospital

It’s teaches coping skills for people with anxiety and depression

It is half days on Tuesdays and Fridays for 12 weeks, with a minimum of 5 Thursdays

It is a group format, run by a Social Worker, Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist and overseen by a Psychiatrist

I’ll have a primary worker and access to the Psychiatrist during the program

At first, I was really intrigued and almost hopeful

Until I went for the info session

It was a few weeks ago

It was run by the OT who was jet lagged and seemed like she hadn’t a clue in the world of what she was talking about

I felt some of my balloon of almost hope deflate

I then went for an assessment last week with the RN, who sat impassively while I cried as she asked questions from her computer

I felt foolish and disappointed when I found out she would become my primary worker

I was accepted into the program and given a start date

Tuesday March 26


I’ve promised myself that I will give it an honest open-minded try

After all, everyone has bad days and all that

And it would be reckless to throw away an OHIP covered 12 week program off of two measly meetings


Tomorrow, I’ll be there at 8:45 AM to start my first day

So maybe my balloon of almost hope won’t inflate

But maybe my ballon won’t pop either

And maybe

For right now, that’s good enough

12 thoughts on “‘Expectation is the root of all heartache.’ Shakespeare”

  1. I know that technically you are not “paying” for this program, but you are, with your time and your hopes, etc. You are a customer. If you don’t like how it is running be sure that you say something about it. ( I mean get your moneys worth).

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  2. Oh yikes, I’m so sorry about having people on your team who don’t sound particularly…how to put it…effective or compassionate. I really do hope this course goes as well as possible though. I like that you’re trying to keep an open mind and give it your best shot. Hopefully it’ll be a pleasant surprise..
    Caz xx

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  3. It takes a strong person to recognize what they struggle most with and an even stronger person to do something about it! It is pretty inspiring what you are willing to do to make changes in your life and I do look forward to reading how it goes for you. I have all the faith in the world in you and know you will accomplish what you set out to do. My mother has had struggles her entire life, but she isn’t strong enough or wise enough to do something about them, instead she turns to drugs and alcohol which have only created more problems for her and everyone in her life. I want you to know, I am very proud of what you are setting out to do and even more proud to call you a friend. Please never forget that even though I am in another country and we have not actually met, I am always here for you!

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      1. I will continue to remind you how much I admire your resilience and pure determination! I totally understand how hard it is to view our own strengths, but you my dear sweet friend are much stronger than you will give yourself credit for!!! xoxo


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