‘In the blink of an eye, everything can change.’

Sometimes I’m scared to blink

Im afraid that this current edition of my life

Will suddenly morph back into the one I was living 4 months ago

Although living seems like far too grand of a word for what I was doing

Existing maybe


So now even going to sleep is a gamble

Which version of myself will I be when I wake up?

It seems like far too big of a risk to take

And I’m not that much of a risk-taker

Not with my life

I don’t want to lose this stranglehold I have on my life right now

I’ve worked too hard

Struggled and fought too hard

To lose it all

In the blink of an eye

9 thoughts on “‘In the blink of an eye, everything can change.’”

  1. I’m so sorry you have to feel like this and live with that worry. And it might not change, it may stick around for longer. But you know this version that you’ve worked so hard for exists, you know that if it changes it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, it’ll be possible to get back to it.xxxx

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    1. Caz you’re some kind of awesome. Everything you’ve been through and continue to go through and you’re still able to maintain a much more positive outlook than I. What’s your secret?! 😬

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  2. Some kind of awesome… I feel like a fraud. I fail to ever take my own advice. Want to know my secret? Outside – positive. Inside – crumbling. Not always, but it gets tough as I’m not typically a positive person. You know how some people tend to gravitate towards optimism or have a drive to survive? I seem to lack that. Like you probably find too, it’s a constant effort to try to be positive and keep going a lot of the time. But hey, we’re both still fucking awesome for keeping going! 😉
    Caz xx


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