What I wish you understood:

I get tired really easily

The heat is unbearable for me right now

It’s hard for me to work up the energy to go out

I’m terrified that you will forget me

Right now I can’t do the things I used to

I want you to talk to me

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me

I want to be the old me

Even though I can’t really picture her

If you can

Maybe you could help me remember her…

4 thoughts on “What I wish you understood:”

  1. I know and understand how difficult things get, but I know you will get there. Please don’t push yourself too hard and you take it easy. I didn’t know it got insanely hot in Canada. Where I live is unbearable right now. The heat and humidity is miserable and seems like it isn’t ever going to end. The heat makes me feel like I am dying. I can’t wait until Fall and my goodness even winter!!


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