Just another uninspiring sick person

This is how I look when I’ve been waiting a week for the MS CLINIC to call me back after reporting a new symptom. I’m not surprised but I’m disappointed. Of course I want to live in a world where MS doesn’t exist but im not a dreamer so what I actually want is to live in a world where people with all types of illnesses can get the help they need. Especially when they reach out. Twice. It’s hard not to feel abandoned and isolated when literally no one can offer you help. Yes I know be strong, keep fighting and all those other phrases meant to motivate…but sometimes I want to lay my sword and shield down and just be a scared vulnerable person who sometimes just needs some help. This is what it’s like having MS in Canada, the country with one of the highest rates of MS. -rant over

Fuck MS

3 thoughts on “Just another uninspiring sick person”

  1. I’ve always found that to be a huge kick in the balls. When we actually reach out and ask for help, and get nothing back. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s worth to get nothing, or to be rudely fobbed off. For what it’s worth, I think you’re more inspiring by being honest with how shitty it all is. People want us to be positive and we feel we should be, but it’s just not that simple. Rest and give in for the weekend, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed you hear something helpful from them ASAP  ♥ xxxx

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    1. It is so frustrating. We go our whole lives that all you gotta do is ask for help. Reach out. Blah blah. But it’s a bit of a lie. You ask you hope and you sometimes get let down and you’re always waiting for someone to come to the rescue. Bah. I’m in a bummed out mood. Maybe I’m wrong. Take care xoxo

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