Here goes nothing 

6 thoughts on “Here goes nothing ”

  1. That dont look like nothing to me girlfriend
    It looks like a turret of pea green tablets/supplements?
    How are you doing?
    I love your anger and indignation
    You speak what I feel
    Can you please elaborate on the magic beans pls elaborate on the magic beans pls
    Good luck
    …(And please write that screenplay Durr i know you have one in there)

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    1. Hello! Are you a new reader? The magic beans are gabapentin a pill that will (hopefully) treat the nerve pain in my arm. I developed a new and unpleasant symptom that feels like the worst sunburn youve ever had! Im still waiting for the magic to happen Im sorry that you feel what I write but Im glad that it resonates with you


  2. I am new! But not to MS sadly !
    Your blog is a work of art and your musings resonate so much
    You n Bethy bright n dark (youre both extraordinary ) are the only blogs I can identify with
    (Although tripping on air Lady is funny and verbose )
    Had it since I was 21, now 46 and in the last seven years its gone from managable to shit
    Let me know how you get on with the gabapentin ?
    Good luck! I had baclofen a while ago omg never again
    But the feet in a bucket of cold water or burning like Ive had my feet sandpapered isnt fun, so Id be interested to know if it helps your arm chick …
    And thanks for saying it how it is instead of contributing to the pharma coffers with happy clappy shit about the joys of dmds and how important staying positive is…
    The reality is sobering and perfectly nuanced by your writings

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    1. Thanks for reading and for the compliments. Its good to know that my writing resonates with people. Do you have RRMS? What are your main symptoms? Increased dose of gabapentin yesterday so Im hoping to get some relief.


  3. Go girl! I hope the increased dose helps
    Let us know how you are getting on
    I was actually told it was prob RR When I had a funny turn and ended up in hosp when I was 18, this was confirmed a few years later – but I got with it, until divorcing the devil incarnate in 2011 and that and what we did to kids and joint business nearly finished me off.. so in 2013 they told me it was SP and that my cerebellum had been munched at and I also had cerebellum ataxia
    But Ive had a good run and enjoyed a good life, despite being on the denial bus for a long time
    Now Im stuck on the struggle bus – that will be the repeated water infections and small stroke – they say MS doesnt kill you, but the complications sure do…


    1. Aw Im sorry to hear of all your struggles. And aint that the truth about the complications. Where are you from? Do you have a lot of mobility issues? I guess Ive been lucky and my symptoms have mostly been my eyes, fatigue and now this stupid arm thing! Im Angela btw. Nice to meet you sorta


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